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London Climbing Wall Monitor
Open Source Project (Node.js, React)


Live Website

Technology: Node.js, React

Due to social distancing restrictions, climbing gyms around the United Kingdom have in many cases set a limit to the maximum number of climbers at one time, as well as requiring climbers to pre-book their sessions.

As a result of these capacity limits, many of the climbing walls now allow visitors to get real-time information on the number of climbers at the wall. In order to make this even easier, I developed a dashboard which consolidates this information from all of the climbing walls in London which provide this information.

The back-end is a Node.js server which parses the latest climber counts every 10 minutes, caches the data and serves it up as a read-only API for the front-end.

The front-end uses React to present the JSON response from the API in an easily readable format. The page has a responsive design and renders equally well no matter if the user is visiting on a mobile device or a computer.